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A Handy Guide to 50sixone’s Insta-Famous Freakshakes

Photo by Simon from 50sixone

50sixone is a sweet tooth’s paradise, serving up quirky desserts as well as mouth-watering savoury dishes. But it’s their Instagram famous “freakshakes” that take the cake (pardon the food pun). “Freakshakes” are a freakish version of your standard milkshake – elaborately decorated, jumbo-sized and impossible to finish.

Having just released four new creations to their menu of fifteen different freakshakes, where do you even begin? Here’s a handy guide to help you navigate your way through their endless options on offer.

The Best of Both Worlds

This R-rated adults-only freakshake blends alcoholic tiramisu with chocolatey cocoa to achieve, you guessed it, “The Best of Both Worlds”. Decorated with tiramisu flavoured ice cream cake, Italian sponge fingers called ‘savoiardi’, and a dusting of cocoa – why have a basic cocktail when you can have a alcoholic freakshake?


So Poppin’ Good

What a childhood throwback! Be a rebel and have dessert for breakfast with this Coco-Pops flavoured freakshake. The best part? It’s got a face on it! A Coco-Pops basket with mini Oreo eyes holds a big scoop of bubblegum ice cream topped with fairy floss, and two marshmallow ears are joined by a rainbow Wonka Nerds rope. He’s almost too cute to eat!


I Cherryish You

Cherry Ripe in the form of a freakshake: yes please! Towering on top of this marvellous masterpiece are two delicious chocolate brownies coated in melted dark chocolate. Dotted along the sides and stuck to this melted chocolate are little circles straight from a Cherry Ripe bar. A little swirl of whipped cream, coconut flakes and maraschino cherries are quite literally the cherry on top.

39330640_295405384347097_4378432031118327808_n.jpgThe Golden Archie

Doggo and pupper lovers, this freakshake is for you! This honeycomb flavoured freakshake is decorated with two cute dog paws made with tiny chocolate buttons and Ferrero Rochers covered in edible gold flakes. After you nibble on the Tim Tam and honeycomb pieces at the bottom, awaiting you at the top is a chocolate-coated zeppole (basically an Italian doughnut with a hint of lemony zest!) and a big scoop of honeycomb ice cream.


Shiver Me Snickers

Doesn’t this explosion of Snickers goodness send shivers down your spine? Two chocolate brownies layered with peanut butter are topped with fresh whipped cream, pieces of a Snickers bar and two chocolate wafer sticks. Drips of melted peanut butter and chocolate falling down the side of the glass are sprinkled with nuts, creating the ultimate Snickers sensation.


39269551_527484577688454_727839782343802880_nMe Want Cookies

This freakshake is enough to drive the Cookie Monster crazy! Stuck to the side of the glass with melted chocolate are a trail of mini cookies and chocolate buttons leading towards the top. Sitting on top are two ice-cream sandwiches – one with chocolate and one with choc-chip ice-cream at it’s centre – both coated in melted chocolate and nuts.



24k Gold Nutella Meets Kinder

Here we have the pièce de résistance of all freakshakes: feast your eyes on this marvellous masterpiece! Under a Kinder Bueno bar stuck to the side of the glass with melted chocolate is the cutest mini jar of Nutella for you to take home and keep. Towering on top of this Nutella flavoured freakshake are two Italian zeppole doughnuts with a hidden scoop of chocolate ice cream and melted Nutella in the middle. Resting in a basket of fresh cream on top are Bueno pieces and a gold flake coated Kinder Surprise (complete with a little collectible toy inside!)

39409294_305648606863875_6344437140310458368_nLove Is In The Aero

Need a little light refreshment from all the decadent chocolate? Then this minty fresh freakshake is just for you! Crafted from real mint Aero chocolate, this green gem is decorated with a soft mint meringue and a swirl of whipped cream. Sitting at the top of it all are pieces from an actual mint Aero block, chocolate crisps and green coloured fairy floss – now that’s something I haven’t seen before!

39409043_246727129314548_807306736133210112_nOreo Glad To See Me?

“Oreo” glad to see this on the menu, Oreo lovers! Resting on top of this classic Oreo flavoured freakshake is a large Italian zeppole doughnut, a dash of cream and two halves of the crowd favourite biscuit that is the Oreo. Mini and large Oreo halves even decorate the side of the glass, whilst biscuit crumbs and white fairy floss lie on the plate underneath.


39298760_1016022655242588_8479904869975588864_nMeringue A Tang

Probably the healthiest dessert you’ll ever see, this exotic wildberry smoothie comes straight from the jungle to you. Made from coconut milk, yoghurt, ice cream and mixed berries, this smoothie is a refreshing choice amongst the sea of chocolatey freakshakes. Within the tower of meringue and cream at the top, you can sometimes find the face of an Orangutan with blueberries for eyes and bright pink fairy floss for hair.


39301778_478165742650427_5717389575999979520_nPretzels For President

Vote One: Pretzels for President! Lift off the Italian zeppole doughnut on top to find a salted caramel flavoured thickshake inside. Decorating the top and sides of the glass are pieces of popcorn and chocolate-coated pretzels – the perfect combination of sweet and savoury delights!



39441108_242533546592949_5917387683075719168_nHeaven Sent

This freakshake well and truly did come straight from a chocoholic’s heaven! A chocolatey freakshake with a homemade double chocolate brownie and crushed nuts sitting on top. Get your cameras at the ready for this one: the lovely 50sixone team pour a stream of melted fondue on top that turns from milk to white chocolate!



39308206_311452502937347_1113171200030277632_nOMG! SNAP… CHAT… THAT!

Bring on the sugar rush! This colourful rainbow creation is definitely one of the most Snapchat and Instagram-worthy of them all. Holding a bubblegum flavoured thickshake inside, decorating the outside is an explosion of sickly sweet candy including candy necklaces, rainbow sour straps, fairy floss and two humongous lollipops on top.


39468157_2350139421670511_4110459662787149824_nAngels and Demons

This decadent freakshake is enough to satisfy both the angel and the demon sitting on both your shoulders. The angel within will adore the white chocolate thickshake inside, the tufts of soft pink fairy floss and the cream cheese icing on top. On the other hand, the demon will indulge in the devilishly delicious red velvet cupcakes layered with strawberries in between and drizzled with blood red syrup. See, everyone’s happy!


39261708_1340679232702469_9118951967320702976_nGO BANANAS

It’s all monkey business with this choc banana freakshake! One of the newer additions to the menu, this thickshake is made from a mixture of gooey chocolate sauce blended with real banana and ice cream. Yellow and brown stripes decorate the sides of the glass along with a trail of classic banana lollies. On top sits a warm chocolate brownie topped with fresh cream, a chocolate wafer stick poking out and chocolate flavoured fairy floss (what a time to be alive!)

Limited Edition Freakshakes

50sixone love to get in the festive spirit with their freakshakes, no matter whether its for World Chocolate Day or Halloween! Christmas 2017 saw them release a coconut flavoured “White Jingles” freakshake topped with a cupcake, coconut snowballs and a mini snowflake. For Halloween of 2017, they even released a dark chocolate and raspberry flavoured “Spooktastic Spider Shake” made from a brownie and liquorice straps! In celebration of World Chocolate Day, they also sold a limited edition “Mr Fruchocs” freakshake supporting SA owned company Menz.

39504273_2208733799363027_8108465777411096576_n.jpgJust recently, 50sixone also launched a “Scooter Shake” decorated to look like a Dalmation puppy, donating $10 from every one sold to the RSPCA!

So next time you’re left stumped whilst looking at the endless array of freakshakes on the menu at 50sixone, use this post as your handy guide to help you choose your freakshake that will leave you with a food coma!

Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x


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