ELSKA: The Heart + Harp Tour


herAmongst the overwhelming sea of circus acts and acrobats of the Adelaide Fringe lies the hidden gem that is ELSKA, a uniquely talented singer-songwriter who is also a modern-day harpist (yes, you heard correctly!)

Hailing from the serene shores of the Gold Coast, ELSKA has intricate roots tracing back to Adelaide, with her father as well as her trusty harp originating from South Australia.



CaptureAfter a whirlwind 18 months of management deals and EP recordings, ELSKA has brought her breakout show known as The Heart + Harp Tour to the Adelaide Fringe, gracing the stages of Port Adelaide’s MixedCreative and The Mill in the CBD.

What makes ELSKA stand out from the rest of the Fringe crowd is her reinvention of the age-old harp, putting a quirky spin on the instrument by pairing it with a loop pedal.

The result of this unseemly pairing is a melodic pop sound like no other: angelic, eclectic and extraordinarily catchy.


ROLLELSKA captures the souls of today’s new romantics and tugs at the heart strings as she weaves authentic anecdotes into her tunes, taking audiences on a journey through the highs and lows of her love life.

Congratulations to the ever-so-lovely ELSKA on a wonderful opening night and a successful string of shows so far, and a massive thank-you to Martini Mondays for inviting us! will continue mesmerising audiences on The Heart + Harp Tour with two more performances in The Breakout at The Mill on Sunday 24 and Tuesday 26 February.

Dates: Thursday 21 February – Tuesday 26 February


The Exhibition at MixedCreative

32 Nile Street, Port Adelaide


The Breakout at The Mill

154 Angas Street, Adelaide


Full Price: $20

Concession: $17

Child: $10


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