The Piano Men | Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

“Sing us a song, you’re the piano man…”

Meet Emma Knights: a local theatrical entrepreneur and jack of all trades who has mastered the roles of pianist, singer, producer, composer, creator and curator just to name a few. Having recently been recognised as one of InDaily’s 40 Under 40 young industry leaders, Knights has spent the past six years delighting audiences with her musical and theatrical talents through her own production company Emma Knights Productions.


Throughout her musical career, Knights has learnt many life lessons and been bestowed with many pearls of wisdom, yet one haunting question still remains: ‘why is it that when we think of the piano it is always men that are at the forefront?’


Knights tackles this question head-on and challenges our perceptions of pianists in her latest stage show to hit the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, The Piano Men. Making an exploratory departure from her previous stage shows involving plenty of elaborate sets, glitzy costumes and full-blown orchestras, Knights strips things right back to just her and a trusty grand piano.


Prepare to be transported back in time and into the shoes of several female musical composers and pianists throughout history. Knights dusts off the cobwebs and misogyny from many an untold story and unsung song, all from countless female talents left unrecognised and unheard throughout time.


Educating audiences on the male-dominated history of piano within the music industry, Knights intricately weaves in mirror-like anecdotal connections to her own life story. Hours of research are evident in Knights’ careful curation of appalling facts, statistics and historical stories that highlight the under-representation of women in the music industry that sadly continues to this very day.


Like navigating her way across the keys, Knights effortlessly transitions between the classical era and the modern day, showcasing her extensive repertoire, vocal range and killer taste in music. Learn of unsung classical heroes such as Fanny Mendelssohn, and hear classic hits such as Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More Time from a new perspective on the piano.  Witness just how talented a female can be at both composing and playing *gasp* as Knights performs her very own original Pianist Envy – innuendo definitely intended.

This one’s for the female pianists, the feminist musical icons, the piano women!


Knights will continue delighting audiences with The Piano Men at the Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival from June 24 – 29, so be sure to snap up tickets here!

Gluttony: The Masonic Lodge // 254 North Terrace, Adelaide


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