Who Is The Ukulele Dream Girl?

In August 2019 for the first time Phi Theodoros, aka the Ukulele Dream Girl will take the stage at the Bakehouse Theatre with her first full length solo cabaret show Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? As the Ukulele Dream Girl, Theodoros will take her audiences on a journey of reflection, self empowerment and challenging stigmas and stereotypes.

Theodoros is no stranger to the stage having co-written and performed in shows such as Depression the Musical in 2013/2014 and Finding Me in 2018. The chance to make her solo debut at The Bakehouse came up during a catch up with local producer, comedian, performer and long-term friend of Theodoros’, Ross Voss. Inspired by opportunity and a new challenge, Theodoros decided this would be the perfect chance to step into a new chapter of cabaret performances as The Ukulele Dream Girl.


Voss, who is programming comedy workshops and shows at the Bakehouse in August, has worked with Theodoros across theatre (Lysistrata, 2014), workshop programs and countless variety shows and events since 2009.

“I’m proud to be supporting Phi to try something new with her craft,” says Voss.

“I’ve watched her grow as a performer over the past ten years and I’m excited to see the journey of the Ukulele Dream Girl”.

We all know stepping out on your own is not easy, even with 5 star reviews and an award for “Best Writing” (for Finding Me, Cabaret Fringe 2018 – co-written with James Dean) under your belt. So on the journey many artists take – registering and committing to a show before it is written, Theodoros reflects on the anxiety that comes with flying solo and how expectations have become central to Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl?


“My previous shows have shared other peoples stories of overcoming adversity, I spent weeks with writer’s block thanks to this anxiety around whether people will pay to see me talking about me”, shares Theodoros.

“When I began writing I realised this show is not a biography, it’s an exploration of reclaiming ourselves. Together we’ll uncover ways of challenging the systems and thoughts that hold us back.”

Through a mixture of original and cover music, poetry, storytelling and maybe a sing-along, Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? Will leave audiences inspired to challenge the expectations the world has of us, but more so – the expectations we have of ourselves.

Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl? officially opened last weekend (August 16 – 17 August), and will be serenading audiences with two final performances this weekend – Friday 23 and Saturday 24 August. Be sure to secure your last-minute tickets online here.

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Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl?

Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Friday 16 – Saturday 17 August: 8:30pm

Friday 23 – Saturday 24 August: 8:30pm

Adults: $25 | Concession: $20

Press Release by Phi Theodoros


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