Flawless Facial Dental Studio | VIP 1st Birthday Celebrations

Hip hip hooray! Flawless Facial Dental Studio are officially one year old, and what better way to celebrate than with a VIP 1st Birthday Party consisting of grazing boards, cake and bubbly – all in the company of some truly gorgeous souls!

Unlike the name suggests, Flawless Facial Dental Studio is not just your typical dreaded dentist and goes above and beyond tending to those pearly whites. From general and cosmetic dentistry, to facial and skin care treatments – Flawless Facial Dental Studio’s team of knowledgeable and highly trained staff aim to provide the highest quality treatments in the comfort of a boutique-style, state of the art environment – so you can kiss those pre-dental appointment anxieties goodbye!

The Flawless Facial Dental Studio Team – Image by Neil Sorano

Established by skilled local dental surgeon Dr. Dusica Rajcevic, Flawless Facial Dental Studio have quickly become one of the top rated Adelaide destinations for dental and cosmetic facial treatments, providing fresh and rejuvenated natural results that last. Flawless Facial Dental Studio cares for each and every single patient that walks through their doors, offering a thorough consultation, assessment and attentive post-treatment care/follow up.

Now, I will admit – it took longer than usual to write this article, as I found myself typing, backspacing, then re-typing it over and over again. If you know me well and follow me on Instagram (my personal handle is @trulytaylalee – shameless self promo I know!), I am a H U G E advocate for body positivity and self love. Although I myself have not received any cosmetic treatments and am on a journey to accepting and loving the skin I’m in, I also understand that there are many people out there of all ages, shapes and walks of life who have previously or do currently receive cosmetic treatments. For many, this is a part of their journey towards self love, and why should anyone shame someone trying their best to unlock their inner goddess? Whether it’s dying or styling your hair, wearing braces/the new fandangled Invisalign, putting on your makeup, pampering yourself with a face mask or receiving any kind of injectable – if it’s something that makes you feel better and not something you are doing for other people, then you do you! Like my cotton candy-haired friend Jamie once said, “Receiving cosmetic treatments doesn’t always come from a place of insecurity and hatred. Saying that you can’t modify yourself if you promote self love is some narrow minded bull$%*# and we’re not taking it.” Self enhancement does not cancel out self love.

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 6.50.43 pm

And on that note, when the amazing Katelyn from Ellery Events Australia invited me to support a local business achieving great things and helping others towards their journey to self love, of course I didn’t hesitate to hop on the bandwagon!


Plant 4 Bowden’s upstairs mezzanine area offered the perfect venue for such a special occasion, decked out in earthy vines, fairy lights and candles to create a cosy atmosphere that was the perfect escape from the dull and dreary winter’s evening. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly from a free-flowing bar offering up a beverage of choice for everyone. A jaw-dropping grazing table decked with a seemingly endless supply of meats, cheeses, crackers and fruits kept guests well fed throughout the night.


The warm and welcoming Dr. Dusica Rajcevic also gave us an insight into the work Flawless Facial Dental Studio do and the vast array of dental, cosmetic, facial and skin care treatment options that are on offer.


No birthday is complete without a cake, and boy don’t Flawless Facial Dental Studio know how to celebrate! The cherry on top of the grazing table had to be the picture perfect multiple tier cake along with mini cupcakes, which satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth.


Image by Neil Sorano

To celebrate their first birthday, Flawless Facial Dental Studio are offering 20% off dental services for the rest of August – because self care includes taking care of your teeth! Make the most of these last few days of August and get in quick by showing them some love on Facebook and Instagram, as well as checking out their informative website.

Endless amounts of thanks goes out to the ever so lovely Katelyn from Ellery Events Australia for inviting us.

Flawless Facial Dental Studio // Unit 4/132 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006


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