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Spring has officially sprung: the flowers are blooming, the sunshine is beaming – and bottomless brunches are aplenty. What better way to soak up these long awaited early morning sunbeams with a bottomless brunch by the seaside at Ellenika Taverna, a Grecian paradise located right in the heart of Glenelg along picturesque Marina Pier.

Prepare to be transported to Grecian shores without the ridiculously expensive airfares, as Ellenika Taverna offers an authentic taste of Greece accompanied by serene seaside views that are right on our very own doorstep.

The Adelaide Insider was invited by Marina Pier to attend a Bottomless Brunch VIP Media Event to get a glimpse inside the recently rebranded and revamped restaurant.


Guests were greeted with free-flowing classic mimosas and refreshing “Cloudy Apple”  mocktails made with lemon, mint and crisp apple juice, which they could sip whilst gazing out at seaside views of the extravagant yachts and azure blue waters that Glenelg’s Marina Pier has to offer.


We kicked off our bottomless brunch in classic Greek style with plenty of spanakopita to go around. Morsels of creamy feta cheese and warm spinach were packed into parcels of crispy filo pastry, which crumbled with an explosion of flavour in our mouths with each and every bite.

Brunches are best shared amongst friends and loved ones, and Ellenika Taverna’s mezethes menu has something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Consisting of a broad assortment of share platters ranging from lighter appetisers to larger “feed me” boards, these meze dishes are best bought in bulk to share amongst entire tables. We were treated to the grilled Haloumi Sti Skara served with fig compot, as well as several large Mezethakia Share Boards  showcasing a selection of Ellenika Taverna’s signature traditional Mediterranean dishes. Crowd favourites such as pita bread and dips were coupled with unique appetisers such as Tiri Saganaki, a form of surprisingly tasty sheep’s milk cheese best served with a light drizzle of olive oil.


No Greek meal is complete without a refreshing Mediterranean salad, and the Feta Sto Fourno and Horiatiki combined the creaminess of feta cheese with the crisp crunch of fresh produce such as cucumber and pickled onions to create a unique combination of textures and flavours. Chorizo sausages and warm toasted pieces of bread added a wholesome, hearty element to the Grecian goodies.


Tying it altogether was a platter of bougatsa, an age-old traditional Greek dessert also known as sweet semolina filo pie. Light golden brown filo pastry oven baked to perfection was practically oozing with custard and topped with a light dusting of icing sugar.


Once you take a step inside Ellenika Taverna, you’ll be whisked off to a European paradise as you soak up the authentic Greek charm with gorgeous paintings of the signature cerulean rooftop domes found in Oia, vibrantly coloured wallpaper and high ceilings revealing wooden beams draped in faux ivy. Be sure to pop by and check out their newly revamped outdoor dining area and terrace, which should be complete just in time for when spring is in full swing!

A humongous thank-you goes out Damian Vasilevski and the lovely team at Ellenika Taverna for their generous hospitality, and to the amazing Anna-Louise from Marina Pier for inviting us!


Ellenika Taverna // Shop 6/3 Chappell Dr, Lights Landing, Marina Pier, Glenelg SA 5045


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