Bethnal Green Launch

Nestled between RSQ and Ballers Sports Bar along Adelaide’s bustling Hindley Street you’ll spot Bethnal Green: a cozy and kitsch barbershop that is far more than what it seems. Take a cheeky gander behind the ‘staff only’ door and you’ll find yourself transported across the pond to the London Tube in the hidden bar that is Bethnal Green.

Aptly named Bethnal Green after the London underground station which goes by the same name, the hidden bar is fitted out with a curved marble archway roof, vintage hanging pendant lighting and cream and green tiling that captures the iconic look of a classic underground train station.


Behind the bar, you’ll find cyclone swirl drink dispensers in vibrant colours of green, blue and red, along with a selection of over twenty-six different vodkas around the world (all of which can be substituted in place of the house vodka to give any cocktail a unique twist).

Bar Manager Henry Morrison has designed a “fun and experimental cocktail list to help complete that journey away from the norm”, which comes complete with all your old alcoholic faithfuls along with a few new bevvies on the block.


Target Area A

Packed full of tropical flavours and coloured a summery blue hue, this cocktail is sure to be a hit all summer long. Bacardi white rum and cream of coconut create a coconut-flavoured creaminess, whilst blue curacao and pineapple juice collide to form a zesty citrus punch.


The Underground

It wouldn’t be a London tube-themed bar without a drinked named ‘The Underground’! Hopping onto the cotton candy cocktail bandwagon, cocktail connoisseurs will feel like a kid in a candy store with this fun and fruity drink! Vanilla vodka, lemon juice and cranberry juice combine to form a watermelon-coloured concoction that is poured into a glass lined with blue sugar granules along it’s rim. Topped with pink fairy floss, be sure to snap your pictures quick before it’s absorbed into the cocktail to add a sugary twist!


The Leather Apron

Fellow chocoholics, this one’s for you! The Leather Apron will quickly become your guilty pleasure, combining seductive chocolate liqueur and frangelico with creamy milk and naughty Nutella. This chocolate-filled cocktail will leave you scooping the leftover Nutella from the rim: believe me, you won’t be able to get enough!


Cyclone Cocktails

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: these cyclone cocktails look like they’ve come straight from a mad scientist’s lab! Poured straight from glass beakers into tall vials, dry ice that lies at the bottom maintains the signature cyclonic swirl and bubbling consistency. Choose from flavours of blue raspberry, strawberry and apple and get lost in clouds of white smoke that pour out from the top.

For a taste of Britain right on your very own doorstep, look no further than Bethnal Green. Sophisticated, classy and sauve, Bethnal Green offers a retro speakeasy-style atmosphere that is perfect for intimate outings or after work drinks. The word is out that Bethnal Green is Adelaide’s latest and greatest best-kept secret.

Sneak into Bethnal Green from 5pm onwards Thursday and Friday evenings, with the addition of Sundays coming soon this summer.


Bethnal Green // 111 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000


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