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Highly-renowned Clare Valley-based Indian restaurant, Indii of Clare, has expanded their horizons by opening a second restaurant by the name of Indii Flavours in the heart of North Adelaide.

With third-generation Chef Rupesh Agrawal at the kitchen’s helm, Indii Flavours offers an exceptional menu of traditional Indian dishes made from homemade ingredients, hand-blended spices and freshly gathered local produce. Drawing from culinary knowledge passed down from his father and grandfather before him, Chef Agrawal has incorporated authentic Indian flavours with modernist presentation in order to create a unique dining experience like no other.

Boasting a seemingly endless boutique wine list that transports winers and diners across the globe from France to New Zealand, and Tuscany to Tasmania, Indii Flavours also stocks a vast array of local pours from McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and Coonawarra.


What sets Indii Flavours apart from being just any ordinary Indian eatery is their one-of-a-kind open-air wine room. Step inside and prepare to be transported into a cellar door above ground, where you’ll be spoilt for choice as you peruse endless bottles of wines, spirits and liqueurs that line the glass walls. For the full authentic cultural experience, why not pair a flavour-filled curry with a spice-infused famous Indian whisky?

The Adelaide Insider was invited to sample items from Indii Flavours menu and get a taste of what the newly-opened restaurant has to offer.




Indii Flavours offers an extensive menu of light, bite-sized entrees, including plenty of seafood options such as Garlic Prawns and Prawn Pepper Fry.


Chilli Chicken

Tender morsels of fried chicken are given a real kick with a tangy chilli sauce, combining salty and spicy to create a perfect savoury side dish.


Butter Scallops

Melt in your mouth moment alert: these butter scallops were as creamy as silk and to die for. Served atop their original pearlescent shells and topped with alfalfa sprouts, these delicious bite-sized morsels were cooked well through yet not too dry.


Chicken Pankh

Think everyone’s favourite classic chicken wings, but with a modern Indian twist! These three ways cooked chicken miniature chicken wings were marinated in a succulent chilli honey soy glaze which glistened under the late evening lighting. Topped with sesame seeds, these wings were well and truly finger licking good.



Punjabi Butter Chicken

No trip to an Indian eatery is complete without Butter chicken, and boy does Indii Flavours deliver! Cooked in traditional Punjabi-style, this butter chicken was thick, palatable packed a slight smokiness to it.


Bombay Sliders

Originally made famous in Mumbai, Bombay Sliders are a vegetarian take on the traditional cheeseburger sliders seen across Western restaurants and diners. Between two crispy brioche buns sits a thick potato fritter that soaks up the tangy barbecue chutney that is drizzled on top.


Palak Paneer (V)

Spinach cooked with onions, tomatoes, green herbs and cottage cheese. From Chicken Korma to Lamb Rogan Josh, Indii Flavours has a curry to suit everyone’s tastebuds – whether your nose runs at the slightest hint of spice (like me!), or you’re a flavour fanatic who enjoys a real kick to your meal. These curries are best accompanied with one of their many Dum Biryani and Rice options, such as steamed Jasmine Rice or Saffron Rice.




Banarasi Paan Kulfi

Sitting pretty in the middle of the dish lies a cylindrical tower of kulfi, the traditional Indian version of ice cream. However, this was not just any average kulfi. Infused with dry rose petals, dry nuts and Banarasi betel leaves, this kulfi exuded flavours of musk, sweet-flavoured cough medicine and rosewater (much like Turkish Delight), which sent a wave of nostalgia over us as we were transported back to the sweets that filled our beloved childhoods.


Gulab Jamun

Served with a scoop of creamy vanilla icing, these fried milk and cinnamon dumplings revealed a warm and gooey centre that was simply irresistible. Topped with 100s and 1000s and edible flowers, this traditional Indian dessert is a must-try for any sweet tooth.


Mava Malai Kulfi

Similar to the Banarasi Paan Kulfi, this version of kulfi aka traditional Indian ice cream was infused with dry fruits and pistachio nuts. Incorporating the westernised element of being served on a stick, this dessert was decadently creamy yet not too sickly sweet or rich.


Mango Kulfi

Last but certainly not least, we tried another variation of traditional Indian-style ice cream in a mango flavour. Served in a cheesecake-like style, this version was frozen solid and far less creamier than the other flavours of kulfi, and resembled that of a dairy-free gelato. Topped with mango coulis, edible violets and a glace cherry, this dish is perfect to cool the tongue after plenty of spicy curries and mains.

Endless amounts of thanks goes out to Owner Sabby Soodan and Manager Kshirod Behera for the invitation to pay Indii Flavours a visit, and to Chef Rupesh Agrawal for delighting us with his culinary creations.


Indii Flavours // 114 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006


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