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SA Mushrooms | Long Lunch & Farm Tour

Mushrooms: they’re the edible fungi that divide the nation. Some love them, some hate them. But there’s one thing for sure: SA Mushrooms do them best. Since 1998, the South Australian family owned and operated company has been providing Radelaidians with delicious white buttons, field and plenty more mushrooms we all know and love.

After recently undergoing an expansion in 2019, SA Mushrooms has quickly grown to become the second largest privately-owned mushroom farm throughout South Australia. Located in Waterloo Corner and harnessing the fertile earth of the Adelaide Plains, SA Mushrooms employs over 100 staff to operate a state of the art, climate-controlled facility.

On Saturday 22 February, The Adelaide Insider was invited by SA Mushrooms to attend a Long Lunch and Farm Tour, showcasing their tried and true “paddock to plate” philosophy.


Italian family owned and operated Virgara Wines provided a variety of wines to sample throughout the afternoon, with each dish being carefully curated with a particular red, white or bubbly to maximise the flavour palate.


Before digging into our long lunch, we were taken on an exclusive tour of the extensive grounds of the SA Mushrooms Farm, where we learnt about the reality behind the delicate hand-picking and packing process. Did you know that SA Mushrooms turn-over is so quick that they can deliver their mushrooms only hours after they’re picked!


After stretching our legs, we were greeted by a pristine long white table intricately decorated with gold accents within the cutlery and plates and adorned with beautiful crisp green and white floral centrepieces. The set-up was fit enough for a wedding, emanating the Italian tradition of the long-table lunch.



BBQ Mushrooms, Ciabatta, Olive Oil

Whilst guests mixed and mingled upon arrival, we were greeted with our first mushroom-themed canape of the day. Sitting atop a crisp slice of ciabatta bread lay a thick and juicy barbecue mushroom, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and parsley. Each piece of pushroom was tender and marinated with a barbecue glaze which the crunchy ciabatta bread soaked up to absolute perfection.

Accompanying Wine: ‘Virgara Wines’ Sparkling White



Mushroom Antipasti

You can’t go past an antipasti share platter, and mushrooms are a surefire staple for any charcuterie spread. This generous spread included olives, pickled vegetables, cherry tomatoes, a selection of cured meats, cheeses, cream cheese and a mushroom-infused dip along with plenty of mushrooms of course!

Accompanying Wine: ‘Virgara Wines’ Sparkling White



Mushroom, Spinach, Ricotta Rotolo, Tomato, Pinenuts, Herb

Leading into the main courses for the night was a pasta dish based around a a rotolo stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach and mushrooms. Each element complemented the other superbly, and the outer rotolo pasta that concealed the filling soaked up the thick tomato sauce that surrounded it. Topped with fresh pine nuts, basil and a fresh grilled tomato still on the stem, this Italian traditional dish showcased SA Mushrooms’ produce in a unique, tastebud-tantalising way that was positively to die for.

Accompanying Wine: ‘Virgara Wines’ Chardonnay



BBQ Quail, Peppers, Agrodolce, Italian Roast Lamb, Olives, Shallots, Garlic, Baby Mushrooms, Peas

Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more food, out come the mains with plenty of sides to accompany them. One dish consisted of tender quail meat marinated in a finger licking good barbecue glaze, served alongside an agrodolce Italian traditional sweet and sour sauce mixed with  olives, peas and peppers. The second main dish revolved around thickly cut slabs of tender Italian roast lamb, served with olives, shallots, garlic, peas and of course baby mushrooms.

Accompanying Wine: ‘Virgara Wines’ Pinto Grigio & Merlot Cab Sav Malbec


Green Salad | Ash Baked Potatoes, Sea Salt

To balance out the meat-themed mains, there were plenty of light sides such as the green salad and ash baked potatoes infused with flakes of fresh sea salt.


BBQ Broccolini, Chilli, Lemon | Reggiano Parmigiano Mushrooms

Amongst the Italian roast lamb main were pieces of grilled broccolini infused with chilli and lemon to add a refreshing zestiness to the smokey, barbecue flavour. No SA Mushrooms feast is complete without more mushrooms, and amongst the mains were plenty of juicy reggiano parmigiano mushrooms.




Fig Crostata, Vanilla Double Cream | Homemade Biscotti, Coffee

Concluding the five-course long lunch on a high note, we rounded off our feast of champions with a unique dessert: a fig crostata. The tangy fruitiness of the fig contrasted the savoury notes of the pastry, whilst vanilla double cream and a sprinkle of icing sugar on top tied it altogether with a dash of sweetness. Guests were also offered some wholesome homemade biscotti and old school espresso coffee to go down a treat.

Accompanying Wine: ‘Virgara Wines’ Moscato or Sparkling Red

Endless amounts of thanks goes out to Jessica Gerardis and the team behind SA Mushrooms for inviting us to join in on such a wholesome, beautiful long lunch, and the to the Femia family for their traditional, genuine Italian hospitality. It’s fair to say that each guest left with their bellies full, gift bags filled to the brim with mushroom-themed cooking inspo and a newfound love and appreciation of the hard work and effort SA Mushrooms puts into each and every single one of their products.

SA Mushrooms // 153 Tozer Road, Waterloo Corner SA 5110




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