Why hello there, fellow foodies!

My name’s Tayla, and I’m currently studying a double degree in Journalism/Professional Writing and Arts (English & Creative Writing). In my spare time, I’m addicted to going on what I like to call “cafe crawls”. What is a cafe crawl, you may ask? It’s a lot like a pub crawl, only you explore cafes, eateries, bakeries, restaurants and anywhere that serves up food!

On this blog that I like to call ‘The Cafe Crawler’, I’ll be documenting my findings of all the most delicious and beautifully presented meals ranging from breakfasts, brunches and lunches, to dinners, drinks and desserts.

Keep up to date on all my foodie adventures by following my socials:

Facebook: The Cafe Crawler
Twitter: @acafecrawler
Instagram: @cafe.crawler

Thanks for joining me on my food coma-inducing cafe crawling adventures – here’s to many food babies yet to come!

Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x

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