The Foodie Adventures Begin

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Why hello there, fellow foodies!

It looks like you’ve somehow stumbled upon my blog. Welcome – my name’s Tayla, and I’m a self-confessed foodie addicted to exploring countless cafes and forever taking foodstagrams. Just a little warning: this blog may induce stomach rumbles, uncontrollable drool and hunger that seemingly comes out of nowhere.

So this here is my blog, The Cafe Crawler – a name that pretty much sums up my life in three little words. I’m on a mission to crawl through all the cafes, coffee shops, eateries, bars and restaurants of the world. Here, I’ll be documenting my findings of all the most delicious (and aesthetically pleasing, of course) masterpieces of the savoury, sweet and beverage kind.

In addition to plenty of foodstagram photos and menu musings, I’ll also be reviewing newly-opened locations as well as attending food-related events ranging from wine tours to food festivals.

I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems and underrated eating spots, so please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or DM on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (shameless self-promo, I know!)

Thanks for joining me on my food coma-inducing cafe crawling adventures – here’s to many food babies yet to come!

Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x




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