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Food for Thought: Interview with Adelaide’s Brunch Queen


Welcome to the first edition of ‘Food for Thought’: a series where I’ll be interviewing foodstagrammers, food bloggers and restaurant owners about the local foodie scene.

In this first installment, I sat down and had a chat with ADELAIDE’S BRUNCH QUEEN about the reality behind food blogging on social media.

One of the latest social media crazes taking the Internet by storm is Foodstagraming: the art of sharing aesthetically pleasing photos of food on Instagram.

Food is a topic rising in popularity in the wide world of social media posting and blogging, with 73 per cent of people trusting in these platforms for culinary recommendations and reviews.

Becoming a food blogger and building a loyal following is now easier than ever thanks to the platform of Instagram, with over 42.3 million posts and counting under the hashtag foodstagram.

The anonymous mastermind behind the popular Instagram account ADELAIDE’S BRUNCH QUEEN has experienced what it’s like going viral and has lived to tell the tale.

She says she started her foodstagram one year ago simply as a hobby and never expected it to turn into the booming personal business that it is today.



Photo: Adelaide’s Brunch Queen

“My friends kept coming up to me and asking for recommendations of places. So I thought why not put it on social media to help all my friends. I wanted to help local businesses, because local businesses struggle so much because of the economy. A lot of them can’t afford huge marketing budgets, so you’ve got your big cafes like have a large Instagram following so everyone flocks to there. But they don’t realise the small amazing cafes in the suburbs. So I kind of wanted to go out to the ‘burbs and explore these places and post them and share them with my followers. So I did it simply as a hobby to help my friends. About eight months later, I’ve got over 2000, heading towards the 2500 mark. So I literally just thought it was a hobby and now I’m not one of those influencers that expects to be paid. I want to do it just to support the businesses.”

How have you seen the Adelaide food scene change since you started posting on your foodstagram?

“So I started posting in about October 2017, and back then there was a few cafes that I knew of that were quite Insta-famous. But it’s now, what, September 2018, it’s all changed dramatically. And like there’s more cafes opening, there’s more Insta-worthy pretty food. Social media, especially in regards to cafes, has increased because the amount of content people are now posting, they’re more active on social media, they’re more active in regards to what they’re posting and their content. So it has changed, but it’s good, it’s changed for the better because there’s all these new cafes we can explore in Adelaide.”

What does a typical day in the life of a foodstagrammer look like?

“It can be quite deceiving how regularly I post on social media. But I go about once a week, I like to go out and try a new café. I don’t take it super seriously. I sit down, I make it a social gathering with friends. We order drinks, we have a chat, we order food, I take photos of the food, and I leave. So it’s just like any other person, and I like to remain anonymous. I’m just a regular person who likes to eat brunch, that likes to take photos of food and put it on social media. That is just me, just another girl that likes to eat.”

Have you ever received sponsorships or partnerships with cafes and if so, how did you go about that process?

“Yeah, so my first one was a couple of months ago. A café approached me and asked for me to come in, take photos of their food, and in exchange they would give me a free meal. We simply set up a date and a time. I booked a table, bought my family in, made it a bit of a family day out. Went there, they were absolutely wonderful. We were in the best location, best lighting. So that was my first one. I’ve actually recently done a collaboration with a business. I sat down with a social media rep. We spoke about how we’ll do it, how we’ll structure the competition. They’ve got nothing to lose. They’ve got everything to gain from your followers. And it’s a very low-risk situation. I’m very quite thankful and quite lucky for the position I’ve been in.”

Do you have any goals or directions you’d like to take your foodstagram in in the future?

“So I’d like to be able to see more cafes, do more collaborations and just grow my followers. My goal is my 3000 mark. And just to help more cafes.”

Do you have any advice or tips for people who want to start a foodstagram of their own?

“I started six months before just going to cafes and collecting photos because I know when you first start you have to post quite frequently. And then posted two to three times a week for the next few months just to get my content up. I kept quite active on twenty-four-hour stories, so if I wasn’t posting I’d have stories up to see I’m active on my account. Also, share it with your friends and family. Don’t be ashamed of your account, be proud.”

Photo: Adelaide’s Brunch Queen

That’s ADELAIDE’S BRUNCH QUEEN speaking about her experience becoming a locally renowned food blogger on Instagram and how anyone with a smart-phone camera can do it too.

Listen to the recording of our interview below, and stay tuned for a Podcast series coming soon!

Follow the cafe explorations of Adelaide’s Brunch Queen on Instagram: @adelaidesbrunchqueen

Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x


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