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Spooky season is well and truly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than rounding up all of your friends, donning your most spine-tingling attire and hosting a Halloween party!

The weekend before All Hallows’ Eve, I did just that – hosting over twenty people dressed up as everything from Chucky to the Mean Girls cast at my backyard “Spooky Scary Sesh”.

Not only did I go all out decorating my back patio area in fairy lights and jack-o’-lanterns, but my friends and I concocted plenty of Pinterest-inspired Halloween treats to satiate everyone’s sweet tooth (or should I say, “fangs”).

So if you’re thinking of hosting your own “Spook-tober” bash, check out these quick and easy Halloween party food ideas below and give it a go making them for yourself!

45092006_503711520107607_3609311217853661184_nGuacamole Puking Pumpkin

A jack-o-lantern puking guacamole is sure to conjure up some laughs amongst your guests! Cut open the top of the pumpkin, empty the innards and carve a face into your pumpkin as usual. Place on a platter and spread the guacamole from the mouth of the pumpkin and down the centre of the platter. Surround with chips of your choice (black limited edition garlic-flavoured Doritos work perfectly!).

Recipe: Somewhat Simple


“Boo-tiful” Brownies

No party is complete without chocolate brownies to warm your ghoulish guests’ cold, dead souls. Put a terrifying twist on this sweet treat by cutting your brownies into the shape of pumpkins, witches hats, ghosts and bats with cookie cutters. Feel free to decorate with icing, serve on a ghost-shaped platter and surround with pumpkin chocolates for a freakish feast.

Recipe: Delish



Monster Watermelon Fruit Salad

Meet the guacamole-puking jack-o’-lantern’s healthier cousin, Monster Watermelon! Cut a mouth and eyes into the watermelon and empty the insides completely. Fill the mouth with a variety of fruits, such as strawberries, rockmelon, pineapple and grapes. Stand the watermelon upright and allow the fruit salad to spill from it’s mouth – and ta-da, you’ve got a barfing watermelon!

Recipe: Gousto Blog

“Bloody Hell” Punch

Inspired by Ron Weasley’s beloved catch-phrase, this blood-red punch is sure to quench your guests’ thirst all night! Combine four litres of cranberry juice with one litre of lemonade. Alcohol is always optional, however we decided to add Midori to our first batch, then rum to our second! Add some gummies in the shape of eyes and fangs, and your punch is ready to be served!

Recipe: BBC Food



Decorative Pumpkin Patch

Full-sized pumpkins can be expensive, so why not replace them with miniature ones instead? To make your grassy patch, combine shredded coconut with some green food colouring and mix together in a bowl. Top with miniature pumpkins (two for $4, Coles) and tiny pumpkin chocolates, and you’ve got yourself a decorative pumpkin patch that guests can also dig into and enjoy! | Recipe: Growing Up Gabel


Chocolate Spiders

Prepare to have shivers sent down your spine – these little beauties are just as crunchy as real spiders! Melt chocolate and peanut butter and mix with crushed fried noodles. Spoon the mixture into piles on a tray lined with baking paper and add two eyes on each one. Place in the fridge until it is set, and voila – you have yourself a nest of devilishly delicious Snickers-flavoured spiders.

Recipe: BestRecipes (1)And there you have it – there’s my quick and easy Halloween party food ideas! All of these items were made fresh on the day and each took no longer than 30 minutes to make!

Be sure to try them out and tag me in your photos on Instagram @cafe.crawler or on Twitter @acafecrawler – I’d love to see how your creations turn out!

For further Halloween-themed foodie inspiration, check out the Halloween food ideas lists on CountryLiving, Good Housekeeping and Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.

Wishing all you ghosts and ghouls a spine-tingling Spook-tober and a hellish Halloween filled with blood, guts and gore galore!

Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x




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