Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette


*warning: satire ahead*

Haven’t quite mastered the art of being an attractive, not too intelligent, yet simultaneously well-rounded “lady” in today’s age of Tinder, appetite suppressant gummi bears and Instagram models? Well have no fear, Louise Beuvink is here to save the day!

After educating the Scots with a string of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Beuvink has brought her pearls of wisdom on the art of femininity to the Adelaide Fringe to share with one and all in Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette

Hailing from just across the pond in New Zealand, Beuvink likens her talents to that of Kiwi pop sensation Lorde (and even belts out a few gutsy vocals in a cover of Spoonful of Sugar with an interesting lyrical twist).

Through a series of interactive segments, tutorials and personal anecdotes, Beuvink guides audiences through how to master various facets of womanhood, ranging from fashion and dating, to cooking and beauty.

Giving the Domestic Goddess herself Nigella Lawson a run for her own money, Beuvink demonstrates how to host the perfect evening dinner party with a live cooking demo where she whips up pâté from cocktail sausages and uses the magic of SodaStream to turn goon into champagne.

The most important duty of being a lady is pleasing your man, of course: and Beuvink provides her secret tips and tricks on meeting their every need in the bedroom and also on the playing field, even showing a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation educating viewers on the sport of cricket.

Beuvink leaves the YouTube beauty guru community quaking with her quick and easy makeup tutorial on how to achieve an elegant yet “natural” look complete with eyebrows on fleek that rival Cara Delevingne’s infamous arches and overlined lips to achieve Kylie Jenner’s pout.

Through a highly satirical lense, Beuvink harnesses comedy dripping in sarcasm in order to address a number of very real underlying themes including gender equality, the wage gap, feminism and double standards.

Interactive, witty and downright badass, Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette unlike the title suggests is a comedy that can also be enjoyed by males, females and everyone in between.

Dates: Friday 15 February – Sunday 3 March

Location: The Masonic Lodge, Owl Room at Gluttony


Full Price: $23.00 – $26.00

Concession: $23.00

BankSA Customer: $20.25

BankSA Support Act: $10.00



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