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VIP Breakfast Menu Launch | The Wharf


Ahoy there! Fancy a bite to eat by the seaside, but without the bone chilling winds and hair whipping in your face? Escape the winter chill at The Marina Pier, where summer never has to end!

Imagine wining and dining in style as you gaze out at scenic seaside views of the Glenelg foreshore complete with azure blue skies, fancy yachts and crystalline waves. Being the crown jewel of The Marina Pier, The Wharf offers all of the above and much more!


Bright and early on a crisp Saturday morning, The Cafe Crawler was invited to taste test The Wharf’s extensive breakfast menu on offer amongst the amazing company of local bloggers, influencers and social media superstars.

With something on offer to satisfy everyone’s individual preferences and unique tastebuds, The Wharf’s breakfast menu is divided into five sections: Eggs, Healthy, Bread, Sweet and Extras.


Smashed Avocado ($17)

For all those millennials who’d rather spend their pennies on brunch instead of a house, the Smashed Avocado combines vibrant green avo with spring onions and feta. Served on perfectly crunchy continental toast, the dish comes with a side of tomato chutney to add a juicy tomato punch.


Bacon + Eggs ($15.90)

A true brekkie classic, the Bacon + Eggs is a dish you can’t pass up on your breakfast/brunch adventures! Bertocchi smoked bacon is balanced with free range eggs served your favourite way (scrambled, poached or fried), all nestled on top of toasted continental bread.


Eggs Benedict ($18)

Definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing dishes of them all, the Eggs Benedict is just as delicious as it is pretty to look at! Sitting atop two toasted English muffins is a tower consisting of ham, spinach and poached eggs. Topped with baby alfalfa sprouts, a crack of pepper and a generous drizzle of hollandaise sauce, this dish was certainly a crowd favourite!


Big Breakfast ($22)

The biggest of all Big Breakfast, this one’s a hefty plateful that certainly isn’t for the small-stomached and faint hearted! Bertocchi smoked bacon, crunchy bread, free range eggs served your favourite way, roasted truss tomatoes still on the vine, hash brown, juicy chorizo sausages, roasted mushroom and a pot of house-made baked beans. What more could you possibly ask for in a big breakfast?


Endless amounts of thanks goes to the oh-so-lovely Anna-Louise from JLL for inviting me, and the amazing team from The Wharf for their incredible hospitality!


Catch you at another cafe,

Tayla x


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